Our Mission


Mission Statement

Sacred Heart Catholic Academy is a family community, one in faith, with students, parents and staff working together with reverence for God and respect for one another. As such, we strive to instruct, instill and inspire each other to be responsible, productive, Catholic Christian members of society.

Our Philosophy

“ You call me teacher and Lord, and it is right that you do so, because I am, I am your Lord and Teacher, and I have just washed your feet.

You, then, should wash each other’s feet. I have set an example for you, so that you will do just what I have done for you ” John 13:13-15

We believe that a paramount obligation falls on our shoulders to help the baptized children in our charge to develop a sense of this relationship in both an individual and communal way.

We, the administration, faculty, staff, parents and children of Sacred Heart Catholic Academy, come together as a Faith Community, a Catholic Family rooted in the Universal Church. Since it is our mission to teach as Jesus taught, we will strive to instill in our students Christian values and ethics to best prepare them to live in this materialistic society. As Christian ministers, we wish to serve as Christ-bearers, role models for our children, encouraging them to openly support each other as they embrace Jesus and His teachings in their daily lives.

Each child is encouraged to see and appreciate his / her personal worth and value to the community of God’s people. We believe that Jesus is our Brother, and all who are His, are brothers and sisters to each other.

Each child in our school is encouraged to see himself / herself as part of the relationship Jesus has established and to act within the framework of this relationship. Prayer, liturgy and service are taught and encouraged. Our educational policy calls for participation on the part of teachers, priests and parents in the formation and evaluation of curriculum guidelines in conjunction with State and Diocesan mandates.

We will endeavor to instruct our children in the basic skills, to serve as tools, in the development of their God – given talents and gifts. As we teach the children these academic and physical skills, we wish to provide them with opportunities to develop their fullest potential and to honestly evaluate their own efforts and accomplishments through daily challenges. These efforts will also be measured through timely municipal, local, and school evaluations.

We are fully aware, and strongly believe, that the only way the relationship between Jesus and His brothers and sisters can be taught to our children is by example at home and in school. In order to serve one another peacefully and justly in our world, with an awareness of social issues and their solutions, each child must develop a sense of individual responsibility and self-discipline as part of a sharing Faith, Home and School Community.

The faculty and staff recognize and respect the role of the parents/guardians as the primary educators of their children. We look forward to their deep involvement in these efforts.

Through team effort and ongoing communication among the school family, primarily students to students, and students to teachers, we endeavor to establish self-respect and school pride.

As a Christian family, we will work to enrich each individual’s spirituality, dignity and integrity. As brothers and sisters, may we strengthen the bond of community, so that as a Catholic people we may experience and accept the value of one another as God’s children, beautiful and unique members of His family.